Vegetable Tempura

Perilla or Shiso and Ssukat leaves tempura on paper lined tray

Do you like a good crispy Vegetable Tempura? I DO!! Did you think making really crispy and airy tempura at home was IMPOSSIBLE?? Wrong. Use my tempura recipe and you can make perfectly crispy and light tempura at home every time.

Perilla or Shiso and Ssukat leaves tempura on paper lined tray
Vegetable Tempura (Shiso/Perilla leaves)

So… there’s something that I have never figured out. Why can’t most Japanese restaurants in the US serve Tempura that is really crispy, light and airy?? I mean, there are some that are decent but I am always disappointed than not when I order tempura at restaurants.

Now,  I must say it took me years to perfect my vegetable tempura recipe as this is not something I learned from my mother or my mother-in-law. This was through many years of trial and error. And also because I happen to see a Japanese restaurant chef make tempura at our home when I was little..more on that later.

Key for Perfect Vegetable Tempura

In my opinion, there are 3 things that are key for perfect Vegetable Tempura: oil temperature, batter and how you coat your vegetables with the batter.

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