Steamed Perilla Leaves (Kkaennip Jjim)

steamed perilla leaves plated on white dish with chopsticks

Steamed Perilla leaves (Kkaennip Jjim) is a wonderful summertime side dish in Korean cuisine. Quickly steamed to make the leaves tender while the light seasoning allowing you to fully enjoy the fantastic flavor of the Perilla leaves. Ready in less than 10 minutes! VG, GF

steamed perilla leaves laid out on a bowl of rice with chopsticks
Steamed Perilla L:eaves (Kkaennip jjim) on rice


Steamed Perilla leaves (깻잎찜 Kkaennip Jjim) was something I knew I would be making this summer because I planted a little too much Perilla this spring. 😝😝I wasn’t planning on planting so much but…you see…..

It’s all because some creature(s) kept digging up my perilla seeds before they had a chance to sprout!!! Are they birds? Squirrels? I don’t know..

Anyway, after my 3rd try of planting perilla seeds and finding them all disturbed and gone again couple days later, I was so frustrated and angry that I poured a whole bunch of seeds into the ground (the 4th time) instead of planting just a few. Well, this way some should still survive!!! RIGHT?? HAHAHA.. Well, murphy’s law…for some reason, this time, the seeds were not dug up and so not just some sprouted but every seed survived and I ended up with a Perilla forest..😜

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