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Our Menu

Appetizers, Entrees, and More

Rising Grill’s products, based on authentic Korean tradition with a touch of modern style, will include a diverse selection of menu items, from the finest cuts of meat and fresh seafood to organic vegetables.


A1. Fried Dumpling (만두구이)

5pcs/10pcs 6.99/12.99

A3. Kimchi Pancake (김치파전)


A5. Chicken Wings (닭날개)

(spicy or mild) 5pcs/10pcs 7.99/14.99

A2. Seafood Pancake (해물파전)


A4. Ddeik Bok Ki (떡볶이)

Rice cakes stir fried w/fish cakes in sweet & spicy sauce add cheese 1.99 or ramyun 2.99 12.99

Chef’s Signature BBQ

B1. Yang yum Gal Bi (양념갈비)

Special marinated Prime beef bone in short ribs 34.99

B3. Joomulluck Gal Bi Sal (주물럭 갈비살)

Special marinated Prime beef short ribs 34.99

B5. Jaeyuk Gui (제육구이)

Special marinated thin slices pork (spicy or mild) 24.99

B2. Saeng Kali Bi (생갈비)

Fresh Prime beef bone in short ribs (unmarinated) 37.99

B4. Dak Gui Gi (닭구이)

Special marinated boneless chicken breast (spicy or mild) 24.99

B6. Chadol Bagyi Gui (차돌박이)

Prime portion of beef brisket served w/scallion & sesame sauce (minimum 2 orders) 24.99

B7. Sam Gyup Sal (삼겹살)

Tender slices of pork belly. Served w/scallion & sesame sauce 24.99

B9. Oh Ri Gui (오리구이)

Thin slices duck scallion & sesame sauce 28.99

Korean BBQ Rising Grill Cleveland

B11. Dwaeji Joomulluck (돼지 주물럭)

Special marinated Prime pork rib eye 29.99

Korean BBQ Rising Grill Cleveland

B8. Shrimp Gui (새우구이)

Fresh jumbo shrimp served with sesame sauce 28.99

B10. Bul Go Gi (불고기)

Special marinated thin slices tender beef rib eye 26.99

Korean BBQ Rising Grill Cleveland

B12. Deungsim (등심)

Fresh prime beef rib eye (unmarinated) served with sesame sauce 32.99

Chef’s Showcase Combination BBQ

S1. 양념갈비/주물럭갈비/새우/전복 & 순두부

Marinated beef short ribs w/bone, marinated beef rip eye, Shrimp, abalone & soon tofu Jjiae 139.99

S2. 양념갈비/불고기/돼지불고기/닭불고기 & 순두부

Marinated beef short ribs, marinated thin slices tender beef rib eye, Slices marinated pork, marinated chicken & soon tofu 119.99

S3. 차돌박이/삼겹살/돼지불고기 & 순두부

Prime portion of beef brisket, tender slices pork belly, slices marinated pork, & soon tofu 87.99

S4. 새우/스칼랍 & 대구매운탕 or 대구지리

Fresh jumbo shrimps & scallops with a special sauce & cod fish stew 74.99

Korean BBQ Rising Grill Cleveland

Special Hot Pot Casseroles

C1. Haemul Jungol (해물전골)

Variety of seafood: blue crab, clam squid, shrimp, octopus and clams w/vegetables in spicy broth boiled 42.99

C3. Gopchang Jungol (곱창전골)

Beef intestines, triple, vegetables simmered in a spicy broth 39.99

C2. Budae Jungol (부대전골)

Ham & sausage casserole w/ramyun & assortment of vegetables in a spicy broth 38.99

Korean Traditional Soup With Rice

D1. Gal Bi Tang (갈비탕)

Tender beef short rib, clear noodles, egg drops & scallion soup 16.99

D3. Ddeik baegi Bul Go Give (뚝배기 불고기)

Beef marinated in special sauce w/vegetables clear noodles & scallion 18.99

D5. Sullung Tang (설렁탕)

Ox tripe and bone simmered for hours, creamy white broth & noodles w/slices of lean beef, sprinkle chopped scallions 15.99

D2. Yookgae Jang (육개장)

Shredded beef & scallion in a spicy broth 15.99

D4. Meawoon Gal Bi Tang (매운갈비탕)

Tender beef short rib, clear noodles, egg drops & scallion soup 16.99

D6. Mando Kuk (만두국)

Homemade dumplings in a beef broth 13.99

D7. Thuck mandoo Kuk (떡만두국)

Homemade dumpling & slices rice cakes in a beef broth 14.99

Korean Traditional Hot Pot

E1. Kimchi Chigae (김치찌개)

Spicy stew w/pork, Kimchi tofu & rice cakes 13.99

E3. Soon Dubu Chigae (순두부 찌개)

Spicy tofu stew w/assorted veggies, your choice of (seafood or veggie) 14.99

E5. Daegu Jiri (대구지리)

Clear cod fish stew w/vegetables & tofu 18.99

E2. Denjang Chigae (된장찌개)

Soybean paste stew w/your choice of (beef or seafood) 13.99

E4. Daegu Mae Woontang (대구매운탕)

Hot & spicy cod fish stew w/vegetables & tofu 18.99

Favorite Mixed Rice Dishes & Broiled Fish

F1. DolSot Bibim Bap (돌솥비빔밥)

Colorful assortment of vegetables & over rice in a hot stone pot served w/spicy mixing sauce (chicken, beef, or tofu) 15.99

F3. Jogi Guyi (조기구이)

Fresh grilled yellow croaker 18.99

F2. Bibim Bap (비빔밥) cold

Colorful assortment of vegetables & fried egg served with spicy mixing sauce 1 13.99

F4. Godengah Guyi (고등어구이)

Fresh grilled salted mackerel 16.99

Korean Style Chinese Food

G1. Tang Su Yuk (탕수육)

Crispy fried port meat, vegetables w/sweet & sour sauce pork, shrimp, or chicken 23.99

G3. Ja Jang Myen (짜장면)

Noodles served with vegetables, pork in black bean sauce 14.99

G5. Bokeum Bap (볶음밥)

Korean fried rice w/vegetables chicken or kimchi 11.99, beef 12.99, Shrimp 13.99 16.99

G2. Khan Poong Gi (깐풍기)

Crispy fried chicken in sweet & spicy sauce 23.99

G4. Jjam Pong (짬뽕)

Spicy noodles soup w/seafood & vegetables 17.99

Special Korean Dishes & Noodles

H1. Jeayuk Bokeum (제육볶음)

Stir fried pork w/vegetables in hot & spicy sauce 18.99

H3. Mool Nengmyun (물냉면)

Cold buckwheat noodles in cold beef broth w/thin slices of beef, radish & egg 14.99

Korean BBQ Rising Grill Cleveland

H5. Yaki Soba (야끼소바)

Stir fried, pan fried noodles & vegetables mixed with a special sauce 14.99

H7. JapChae (잡채)

Stir fried sweet potato noodles w/veggies 10.99, chicken or beef 12.99

H2. Oh Jing Ah Bokeum (오징어볶음)

Stir fried squid & vegetables in hot & spicy sauce 18.99

H4. Bibim Nengmyun (비빔냉면)

Cold buckwheat noodles topped w/thin slices of beef, radish, egg and sweet & spicy sauce 14.99 Additional noodles Sari (사리) 4.99 15.99/4.99

Korean BBQ Rising Grill Cleveland

H6. Yaki U-doThg (야끼우동)

Stir fried thick, white udon noodles & vegetables mixed with a special sauce 14.99

Drinks & Desserts

Soft Drinks

Coke Products including Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke and Ice Tea 1.99

Bottled Water




Cham E Sul rising grill korean bbq

Cham Yi Seul (참이슬)

Traditional and Grape Fruit 14.95

Chum-Churum rising grill bbq

Chum Churum (처음처럼)

Traditional, Peach 14.95

Korean Wine

Makgeolli rice wine rising grill korean bbQ

Mak Gul Li (막걸리)

A milky color rice wine that tastes slightly sweet and sour 14.95/18.95

Korean BBQ Rising Grill Cleveland

Seoljungmae (설중매)

A rich, sweet and refreshing plum wine 14.95/18.95

Bokboonja - Raspberries Wine

Bok Boon Ja (복분자)

Earthy, smooth and sweet raspberry wine made from 100% raspberries 14.95/18.95

Korean Beer

KoreaTh Beers (한국 맥주)

Cass, Hite, OB 4.95

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