Korean Spicy Chicken with Gochujang (Oven Baked)

baked chicken on parchment paper with onions caramelized

Korean Spicy Chicken Breasts (and thighs too) marinated in my sweet n’ spicy Gochujang sauce then baked until caramelized. It is simple, easy and incredibly yummy!

chicken breast sliced and served on top of rice on white plate
Korean Spicy Chicken served with rice

Wait.. did I say BAKED?? YES… you heard it right. I bake this wonderful spicy gochujang marinated Korean Spicy chicken in the OVEN. And YES, it comes out super tasty, tender and MOIST. And I tested it with both chicken breasts and thighs and it works for both!! You can see all the pictures below ⬇️.

Now, this Oven Baked Korean Spicy Chicken recipe came into being because I was feeling lazy…thinking of pan-frying it and realizing how I HATE all the splatter 💥it makes when I cook my gochujang chicken in the frying pan. 😬😬Of course, you can always grill it but as I said, I was feeling lazy..

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