Instant Pot Yukgaejang – Korean Spicy Beef Soup(육개장)

spicy beef soup with egg added

Instant Pot Yukgaejang that tastes just like how it is at restaurants! Spicy (but not too spicy), hearty and comforting – this Yukgaejang has tons of umami flavor with lots of tender vegetables like green onions and bean sprouts. If you have this soup, all you need is a bowl of rice and kimchi, and you will have a wonderfully satisfying meal.

Yukgaejang served in Korean stonebowl with cover
InstantPot Yukgaejang (Korean Spicy Beef Soup)

This Instant Pot Yukgaejang recipe was requested to me by my daughter during my recent Thanksgiving visit to the east coast. Oh, and yes, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!

I had a lovely time visiting her and took a nice break from working. She is having a wonderful time in grad school and has grown up to be a loving, kind and confident young woman. So proud of her for handling not only her school work but also cooking her meals and taking good care of herself. 💕Enjoy this soup J! LOVE YOU!!! ❤️

Don’t have an Instant Pot? That’s OK – 

I already have a regular Yukgaejang recipe that you can make on your stovetop so please check that out if you don’t have an Instant Pot. But even if you make it on the stovetop, you may want to try making the seasoning of this recipe – just to see which style you like better.

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