Instant Pot Yaksik – Sticky Rice Dessert

Instant Pot Yaksik - Korean Sweet Sticky Rice

Instant Pot Yaksik (Korean Sticky Rice Dessert) recipe that comes out perfectly soft and chewy. A perfect balance of sweet, salty and nutty!

InstantPot Yaksik - Korean Sweet Sticky Rice Dessert
Instant Pot Yaksik – Korean Sweet Sticky Rice Dessert

Instant Pot Yaksik is not something I was planning on making anytime soon until recently a wonderful reader posted a request for Instant Pot Yaksik recipe in my Facebook group – Korean Food with Kimchimairi. BTW, please come and join us if you want to talk, ask and share anything and everything about Korean food!!

So this lovely woman called Jenny told me that she tried to make Yaksik in her Instant Pot and the sweet rice totally burned on the bottom and asked me what she was doing wrong. Honestly, I didn’t have any perfect answer at that time because I’m still pretty new to Instant Pot cooking and had never made Yaksik in the Instant Pot before. But I gave her some suggestions and she literally took a whole day to try out 4 different versions based on my suggestions and reported the results back to me afterwards!! Jenny you are so sweet to do that. She did succeed in one version I remember but because I accidentally deleted the comment, I couldn’t remember what she exactly did.

Anyway, I promised Jenny that I would work on the recipe and here it is! I expected that I would have to go through at least a few tries but I was surprised that it came out perfect the first time! I guess I kinda know something about cooking.. hahaha..

Before we get into the recipe, for those of you who are NOT into Instant Pot, you can go to my previous regular Yaksik post for my recipe that you can make in your rice cooker. In the post, I also talk about the history of Yaksik and the benefits of sweet rice / sticky rice / glutinous rice. Did you know that Yaksik is actually a snack/dessert created by my husband’s ancestor some 45o years ago?? Don’t you ever wonder where and how a certain food came into being? Who came up with pizza? or the hamburger? Usually the story is not known but in the case for Yakwa and Yaksik, the origin is clear.

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