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Anchovy Broth for Korean Recipes | Rising Grill

Anchovy Broth for Korean Recipes

4 anchovy broth variations in bottles

Anchovy broth is the base stock for many Korean recipes from soups and stews and so it’s a must recipe in Korean Cooking. In this post, I share how to make 3 different variations of this wonderful broth including tips for making ahead.

4 anchovy broth variations in bottles
Anchovy Broth Variations (From Left to Right -Cold Anchovy Broth, Simple Broth, Anchovy + Kelp Broth, Veg Anchovy Broth)

Anchovy broth (stock) or Myeolchi Yuksu (멸치육수) is a very simple fish broth that adds a very clean and mild umami flavor to many Korean soup or stews. It may almost taste like nothing when you taste it by itself but it adds such a great depth of flavor to your dishes. Knowing how to make this broth was such a life changer for me as a newlywed cook because often times I didn’t have time to make the richer beef broth for soups and stews – which usually takes hours.

As you can see simply from the colors, the differences in flavor between the 4 broths is that broth flavor gets more complex and strong as the color goes dark (from left to right). The number of ingredients added also increases with darker colors. Now you may wonder, why not just make and use the stronger tasting broth for everything??

Well.. you can but I’m sure you heard of the term ‘less is more ‘… and I’m a firm believer that the same concept applies to cooking too. And because broth #4 has shrimps and shitake, they may add some unwanted flavor for some dishes. But you are welcome to try it and see how you like it.

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