Month: October 2019

Acorn Jelly pieces laid out on plate on greens then topped with sauce

How to make Acorn Jelly (Dotorimuk 도토리묵)

Acorn Jelly is a yummy low-calorie Korean side dish that’s full of earthy flavor. Made from acorn powder, Dotorimuk has a smooth and soft jello-like …

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Korean rolled omelette with chopped carrot and scallion on a leafy shape plate

Gyeran Mari (Korean Egg Roll)

This Korean rolled egg recipe is made with chopped carrot and scallion. It’s a popular side dish, especially for a lunch box, that you can …

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collage image of korean foods good for digestion - radish, pumpkin, chives, ginger

7 Korean Ingredients that’s Good for Digestion and Gut

Koreans have accumulated great knowledge through thousands of years of finding foods that heal. In this post, I share about foods that help with digestion …

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Nanja Wans final plating in blue designed oval bowl

Korean Chinese Meatballs (Nanja Wans 난자완스)

Korean Chinese Meatballs or Nanja Wans is one of the most popular dishes among Koreans. Deep-fried crispy meatballs are flash cooked in a light savory …

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Korean anchovy broth in a measuring cup

Anchovy Broth for Korean Cooking

Anchovy broth is essential in Korean cooking. Learn the basics of making anchovy broth to enhance flavors of your stews, soups, and other dishes.   …

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korean rectangular non stick grill pan out of the box

Korean BBQ Grill Pan Giveaway

Korean BBQ Grill Pan Giveaway! This is my favorite BBQ Grill Pan to grill pork belly, bulgogi, veggies and more. Enter below for a chance …

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Boiling hot ox bone soup in an earthen ware

Seolleongtang (Ox Bone Soup)

This post demystifies seolleongtang so you can make this restaurant favorite at home. A few dollars’ worth of beef bones make lots of rich and …

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